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Organic Food – Demand of Supply

Organic Food – Demand of Supply

China organic food market is expected to be more than USD 13 Billion by the end of the year 2024.

The demand for organic food in China is increasing over the past few years due to rapid socio-economic development accompanied by modernization and the industrialization of agricultural food production.

Organic food products are of particular interest among the food products for a Chinese consumer with increasing awareness regarding the benefits of organic products and growing disposable income.

Over the last few years, both the demand and production of organic food products have increased in China. China being the largest consumer of food products and also the fastest-growing food market across Asia, offers immense opportunity for the producers to increase their land productivity by using organic methods other than regular agricultural chemical products.

Today, organic food items are enjoying significant popularity among Chinese residents, as these items do not increase any harm caused to body and health. Chinese residents are gaining more knowledge on healthy products over the years. 

A few years back, the consumption of organic food products in China merely represents a small fraction of the total food consumption. However, now, the demand for organic food products has increased significantly as government policies have favoured organic food products over food safety and the consumer preference for organic food products over the conventional one. These are among the few reasons to why it is expected to drive the China Organic Food Market over the projection period.

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